It's been 20 years since I gave birth & I feel like a first-time mom again!

Okay, so we all know the last time I gave birth was over 20 years ago with my daughter Shaniece. Currently, I'm seven months pregnant and every time I look at my belly, I still can't believe it. ¡Ay Dios mío!

A lot has changed in the world of babies since the last time I gave birth--back then my daughter had a wind-up swing for crying out loud! 

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Because SO much has changed in the mommy world, I often ask my girl, Danika--who has three kids--what to do! For instance, I had NO idea that baby food now comes in pouches and I didn't know that you can now purchase organic baby food!

Twenty years ago, breastfeeding wasn't the thing to do. Now I'm getting all of this advice about breastfeeding and how to do it and breast pumps! Still, to be totally honest, I'm not sure that I want to go the breastfeeding route this time around.

There are so many things I have to learn (or re-learn) before my blessing is born. I love that I'm able to go through the process of being pregnant and becoming a mom all over again. This really represents a new beginning to me and as a more mature mother, I plan to do a host of new things with my second child. After all, I learned a LOT from raising Shaniece and she has become a lovely young woman who I'm SO proud of! 

But I'm also curious: Am I the only expectant mom who thinks things have changed dramatically over the years? Has anyone else had babies years apart and felt like you had to learn a TON of new things? If so, please share your advice below. I want to hear from you!

¡Gracias, mujeres!


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Add Comment What advice do you have for Evelyn as she gets ready to deliver baby #2?
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Thanks for joining me on my journey to becoming a mom for the second time! I'm so excited to be this blessed. I'll be sharing tips on how to stay beautiful, healthy and sexy during and after pregnancy in my Mami Makeover blog. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for even MORE updates—I'm a social media junky! 

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Add Comment What advice do you have for Evelyn as she gets ready to deliver baby #2?

u will do fine just take it one step at a time. new things come every year on baby issues it never hurts to try it if it dont suit u try something else. u will be a great mom either way

There are 8 years in between my two and I felt like I was doing it all over again. Not only does baby food come in pouches and organics but the "tools" that they have now to make baby and mom a whole lot happier. From wipe warmers to movement driven baby monitors it all seemed new. We are a technology driven world so trust a lot of things will be different then what you were accustomed to. Your mommy instincts will kick back in from hearing baby cry in the middle of the night to feeding baby before that cry even starts. Best advice is to reeducated yourself on some of the more sensitive subjects like feverish temperatures are now 102+ versus the 99+ it was years ago.

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm 30 weeks with a baby girl and its been 12 years since I've last given birth and my goodness how things have changed. I'm making lots of adjustments. I recently registered for my baby shower and noticed things like a digital bottle warmer, a breastfeeding tank top, electric breast pump and so much more I had to ask my best friend for advice on what is necessary because I was just adding everything to my registry out of pure ignorance, lol! How would I know whats truly necessary. Anyhow Congrats on your bundle of joy! I'm equally as excited for you especially since it sounds like we're due pretty close to the same time. This will be my first girl so I'm elated! God Bless Ev! :-)
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I know exactly what you're feeling. It's been 14 years since my last one & I was so overwhelmed going to register @ Babies R Us. So many new & different kinds of products. I'm 8 months & don't remember feeling this uncomfortable w/ any of my other pregnancies. Good luck!
There, are 4 yrs between my boys and even in that small time I noticed changes. One thing was for sure, things are always going to be different. I always say well when I was pregnant, the first time this and that. LOL All you can do is your best, don't be too hard on yourself, take care of yourself, and love them both unconditionally. No matter, you are going to be a great mom.
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I have 2 children they r 19yrs apart. I have a daughter that is 27 n a son that is 8. It was n is SO different. Everything is. I so amazed. Now I dealing wit how different school is. Great journey. Good luck n God bless u n ur new beginning.
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Breast feed that baby! Research all the benefits before you rule it out completely :)
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A true Blessing. I sm 43 yo and I am not even thinking of a new baby.. lol but Congratulations to you Evelyn and you will do just fine. You are already preparing yourself very well... Take Care and Stay Blessed!!
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It'll all come back to you the only thing that has changed is the modern technology of the infant world. You are a lot more patient and over protective having a baby later in live, but it is a lovely experience,My son is 16yrs and my baby-girl is 6yrs. I wanted another child and I wanted it to be a Girl and that is what I was blessed with. Enjoy mommas!
My kids Ev are 30, 18, and 14. When I had my second child I was so ready and was so happy to see how much more advanced things was from 1983 to 95. Now girl 2014 everything is damn near like that cartoon the Jetson's SO much EASIER. You'll see it will be a breeze. God Bless and Healthy Baby!
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