Great news for Ciara: she's confirmed that she's pregnant! The R&B singer and her rapper fiancée, Future, are expecting their first child together and I couldn't be more excited. She recently announced the news yesterday on The View.  And even though she plans on keeping it on the hush for now, apparently she already knows the sex of the baby too. Is it me or has she been doing an amazing job at hiding that baby bump?


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Ciara must be in a world of bliss right. Three months ago she got engaged and now she and Future are expecting a baby. "It really is a blessing. It's the most exciting time in my life. I'm really excited, like a little kid," she said during her appearance on The View.

The singer showed off her adorable baby bump in a sheath dress and pointy pumps, but she claims that she won't be wearing heels for long. "I kind of want to take the theme that 'baggy is the new sexy.' I don't know, I just want to be comfortable. When I can't wear heels anymore, I won't wear heels," she said. "I'll be putting on my Jordans. My Jordans and my Uggs will be my best friends, but it's all about being comfortable."

Can' t wait to see what cute and comfy outfits Ciara will be wearing the next couple of months. A BIG Congrats to the happy couple!

Aside from Ciara, there are quite a few other celebs expecting this year and I'm getting baby fever just thinking about it. Check them out below!

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