Drew Barrymore has NO right to tell moms not to complain about pregnancy

Drew Barrymore at Golden GlobesAmerica's sweetheart Drew Barrymore is pregnant with her second child and surely very excited. You know, so excited that you get a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth? No filter and no thought whatsoever? Well, Sunday night at the Golden Globes, sweet Drew must have been swept up in a maternal moment or maybe it was pregnancy brain when she said to Ryan Seacrest: "Pregnancy is such a miracle, anyone who complains about it is…just…crazy."


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Okay, so call me and 99.9 percent of the mom population "crazy" because I assure you that by month nine, most of us were complaining about weighing a metric ton, waddling with what felt like a bowling ball in our vagina and swollen Fred Flintstone feet.

Not to mention, not being able to see those massive feet, get any sleep because of Mt. Saint baby and baby Michael Flatly feet kicking us in the ribs so hard that it took our breaths away. Don't get me started on the restless leg syndrome, sciatica or flatulence. I know that sounds like my idea of masochistic fun but some women don't like pain.

It may sound ungrateful to complain about the miracle of motherhood. Maybe it is, considering that there are women in the world who are infertile or have lost a baby, but we have every right to express our feelings.

Most moms-to-be complain to some degree. You lose control of your body and you gain weight, you don't look or feel like yourself and quite frankly, on some days you feel like you are being held hostage by your own body. Should we have to grin and bear it? Hell no! You do pregnancy your way and I'll do it my way.

When we are pregnant, we are thoroughly aware that it's a "miracle." No mom-to-be needs another mom questioning her sanity because her idea of pregnancy is different than ours. There's no right way to experience pregnancy. If you love it and it's the most blissful thing you've ever experienced, good for you. But if you are like the rest of us and it feels more like a near death experience, you have the right to be disappointed. Some women just have a harder time during pregnancy. It literally almost kills some women. For all women, it's hard work, whether you complain about it or not, you must endure it.

Drew Barrymore's "crazy" statement is exactly what is wrong with society. This is why moms lie to one another and deal with the depression and loneliness that can accompany motherhood in the early years all on their own. All because some woman who is speaking to a camera and has no idea what its like to do it all on her own while holding down a job and chasing other kids decides to blow unicorns and sunshine up the world's ass.

Shame on you Drew Barrymore and any other judgy mom out there. You should know better. You're a mom yourself.

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