Mom who had no idea she was pregnant or in labor makes us wonder what planet she's from

We've all heard those stories of women who didn't realize they were pregnant until it was too late. But for California mom Cheyenne Le Melle, it was a double surprise. First, the 22-year-old didn't even know she was pregnant until well into the third trimester. And then history repeated itself, when she didn't realize she going into labor until it was too late! Jeez, that must have been the smoothest pregnancy ever for her to manage to overlook it TWICE!


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Le Melle says she had no idea she was pregnant with her third child until she felt a kick in her stomach about two months ago--well into her third trimester. Can you imagine?! At least, she realized what it is and didn't chalk it up to regular ol' stomach problems, like some other women have!

Unfortunately, the same thing happened again when she actually went into labor. Apparently, Le Melle didn't notice her water had broken and was in labor at home for three hours without even realizing it! The mom, whose husband was not with her at the time, went to sleep but eventually awoke with pain and contractions. Assuming that she still had some time to go before the baby arrived, she hopped in the show to see if that would give her some relief. Instead, she felt a sudden urge to push!

"I pushed once on accident like really hard, and I felt the head pop out, so I just pushed again and pulled him out," she told CBS. It all happened so fast that by the time her husband came home, their son, Angel, had already been born. I can't even begin to picture what his reaction must have been!

Thankfully, both mom and baby are doing just fine. Emergency responders arrived soon after and took them to the hospital, where they were kept under observation for a few days and then released.

Wow! Considering that La Melle missed out on most of her pregnancy and her labor, it's pretty much a miracle that things managed to go smoothly and that the baby was born healthily. I'd say the name "Angel" is definitely appropriate, because this family clearly had someone up there looking out for them! I'm just glad that they're now both safe and sound, despite Angel's chaotic entrance into the world.

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