MUST SEE: Uncensored home birth PHOTOS are graphic, but beautiful

Have you ever wondered what a home birth is like? I mean if you have had one or witnessed one of course. If you have, now you can see the beautiful uncensored messy reality of it all. Ruth Iorio is a writer in Los Angeles, who decided to live tweet, live Facebook, and live Instagram her home birth using the hashtag #ruthshomebirth. The pictures are raw, beautiful, and touching.

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She went into labor on December 25 at around 8:15 p.m. After about 12 hours of excruciating labor her son, Nye, was born at home, but Iorio had to be transferred to the hospital because her placenta would not detach. You've got to see this pictures she shared.

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Add Comment Would you ever document your birth so publicly?


No. To me it's a intimate , special , private and emotional moment  to share only with my  husband  And not with thousands of  people watching a stranger giving birth in a bloody bathtub. Seems  like  Ruth wants the attention. 

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I agree. Giving birth is truly an amazing but very private experience to be shared only with my husband. I think this was rather vulgar. The disgusting language certainly destroyed any respect for the awe inspiring experience of the miracle of birth. Why all the foul language? And far too much unnecessary total body nudity. This wasn't about the mracle of birth; it was all about a woman seeking attention for herself. Now that she's a mother, I hope she starts thinking about the way she portrays herself for the sake of that precious baby, starting with the filthy language spewing from her mouth. That's no way for a mom to talk!
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