Polar Vortex baby: Mom delivers newborn all by herself!

The polar vortex that hit the US this week caused transit delays, school shutdowns, and freezing temperatures, but it caused an even bigger ordeal for pregnant Indianapolis woman Mariah Grove.

Grove was still several weeks away from her due date when the city's snowstorm hit and had her labor all planned out: when the time came, she would give home at birth with the help of midwife. So just imagine her complete surprise when she realized she was going into early labor on Sunday night—right in the middle of the storm that prevented anyone, including her midwife, from reaching her!


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Though Grove tried to contract help from the midwife and her mother, nobody could get to her in time due to the hazardous weather. With her labor pains only getting more intense, Grove soon realized she would have to give birth to her first child all on her own. Can you imagine?!

She delivered her daughter, Evangeline, by herself in her bedroom. Amazingly, the birth went smoothly from that moment on and both mom and baby are now doing just fine.  "Once the water broke and I realized this was it, all fear went away. I realized it wasn't going to help me and that we would be a team and do this together. And we did it," Grove told RTV6.

WOW! It's pretty amazing what one person can accomplish, once you give into nature and let instincts take over. Still, as someone who hasn't had kids yet, even the thought of giving birth in a hospital, under professional supervision, scares me. So I can't begin to think what it would be like to deliver a child by yourself in your own home... especially since it was her first child. I don't think I would be half as calm and collected as Grove was. Clearly, she is an incredibly brave and strong woman—traits she will surely pass on to her new daughter! Congrats to the new mom!

Image via RTV6

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