Mom dies during labor, but a shocking miracle brings her back

hospital monitorA new mother is lucky to be alive today after she died while giving birth to her second child. The bizarre instance happened last May to Stephanie Arnold whose heart stopped for 37 seconds while on the operating room table during her son, Jacob's delivery. Doctors say that she technically died and that all electric signals were blank in the room.

The eerie part of this story is that prior to her scary encounter, Arnold sensed that she was going to die and could not shake the feeling. What's more shocking is WHY this happened to her in the first place.


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Doctors learned prior to the delivery that Arnold suffered from an amniotic fluid embolism (AFE). The condition is dangerous because amniotic fluid or fetal material enters the mother's bloodstream which can ultimately lead to death.

Arnold's amazing story even shocked doctors who say that not even 40 percent of women could survive the same attack. They explained that most women who suffer from AFE tend to have gut feelings of death prior to delivery but there is no way to predict the condition.

Due to her gut instinct Arnold told the anesthesiologist  of her concerns before the operation. Luckily doctors took her worries into consideration and made sure to have adequate anesthesia, blood, and monitors available for her. She says this is what she believes saved her life, even though she was in a comma for six days after her death experience.

Doctors advise moms-to-be suffering from AFE to talk to their ob-gyns about any concerns they may have regarding the pregnancy and delivery process.

How crazy is this story?! This mom definitely had a guardian angel watching over her when she was in that delivery room. Amazingly, her gut instincts saved her, especially since the chances of survival are so slim. Thankfully she's doing well now and has a healthy baby, but I can't imagine how devastated her family must have felt when she was in a coma. This is something many pregnant moms can learn from and be aware of before their time comes to give birth.

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