The hottest baby names for 2014 will be...

Wondering what baby names or baby naming trends will be popular in 2014? I know I am. It's always interesting to see how some naming trends become so prevalent. It's like we all drink from the same baby-naming Kool-Aid or something. The Daily Beast has come out with some pretty interesting baby name trend predictions some of which you may find a bit surprising. 


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Alrighty, so there appears to be 12 trends that will be influenicing baby names in 2014, of those trends these are the four I find most interesting and useful.

  1. Reaching back into the family tree. Looking for a unique or eccentric names from ancestors will be a do in the coming year. Think of it as a vintage revival. This is great because you might learn a thing or two about your family history.

  2. Cross-naming. Using traditionally male names as girls' middle names will continue to rise in popularity. Think James, Donovan, Curtis, or Martin. There are a wealth of boy names that can totally work for girls. I mean I'm not down with James, but there are others I dig.

  3. Spice it up. Open up your spice cabinet and pick a name like Cinnamon, Thyme, Corriander, or Pepper. Shoot why not open it up even further? Think...Chimichurri!

  4. Pope-ular. Pope Francis is having a moment. I'm sure we will be welcoming many babies with the following names: Frances, Francisco, Francesca, Frank, Frankie, Francine, and Francis. If you want to do an homage to Pope Francis that's a less popular, you could go with a derrivation of his real name: Jorge Mario Bergolio.

These trends are actually kind of helpful, if you ask me.

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