The 80 WEIRDEST baby names of 2013

Recently I told you the 20 most popular baby names of 2013 and now I am excited to share some of the strangest, far less common baby names of 2013. I mean not everyone is going to go for what's popular, right? There will always be those that want to give their special baby equally special moniker. I mean you wouldn't want an entire class of little girls named Sophia or little boys named Jumbotron would you? Anyway, the folks at BabyCenter got information from more than half a million parents that shared their baby's name and they used that info to compile a list of unusual baby names for 2013. The funny thing is that even these unusual names are NOT unique because each of these odd names was given to at least 3 babies. That leads one to believe that odd minds think alike. Are you ready for this strangeness?


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Now quite a few not so oridinary names made it onto the BabyCenter list and what may seem weird today, may be totally common tomorrow, so let's keep our chuckles to ourselves and not make any babies feel bad about their names.

Girls: Amorette, Archita, Azza, Blip, Blue, Chevy, Creedence, Delara, Duda (as in the Spanish version of doubt, huh?), Elektra, Eternity, Ezgi, Fairy, Feline, Flower, Galya, Green, Huxley, Jurie, Justus, Kalliope, Kelby, Kinzly, Kiwi, Kukua, Lovelle, Loveena, Manda, Nyx, Oceana, Pippin (I foresee a career in musical theater), Sida, Trixie, Tulip, Viggo, Wrigley, Xaviera, Zabrina, Zelia, and Zona.

Boys: Ab (really, you've got to be a trainer with a name like that), Ajax, Anibal, Apollo, Baobao (better than Guauguau), Braulio, Bright, Cadence, Caige, Cheese (better not be lactose intolerant), Chow, Cub, Daxx, Danish, Dragos, Enno, Finch, Holmes, Hurricane, Ivory, Jag, Kashmere, Kazz, Kodiak, Lalo (that is not weird, that is my uncle's name), Legend, Leviathan, Lorcan, Miggy, Osbaldo (again, not so weird if you are Latino), Panda, Ripley, Rocket, Stetson, Thiago, Thirdy, Tintin, Trace, Yash, and Zion.

To all the babies of 2013, regardless of name, big hugs and much love to you! May you all grow up happy and healthy.

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