3 Steps to getting ready for baby!

I hope you're all doing well and preparing for the holidays! Me? I'm preparing for a different kind of holiday: meeting my baby!

As you know, I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant and as I shared last week, I'm getting anxious about having my baby! So, in order to combat some of that anxiousness, I've decided to focus on preparing myself for labor...here are three ways I'm doing that!


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Step 1: A Night with the Girls!

Pretty soon, I won't have too much time to just hang with my girls by myself. So, I decided to have an all girls party at my house last weekend. We watched chick flicks and enjoyed our favorite drinks (well, some of us did—I can't drink!). My daughter Skye, my sister, my mom, my niece and some friends came over and we all got mani/pedi's! We all got our hair did, had facials AND got a Brazilian wax done (OUCH!). It was SO much fun, all we did was laugh and by the time it was over, we all looked gorgeous!

Step 2: A Walk to Remember

My hubby Antonio and I have been trying to spend quality time together because pretty soon, a baby boy will be between us!  One of my favorite things that we've been doing together is going on long walks around our neighborhood park. No cell phones, no one else—just he and I walking and talking about our hopes and dreams. It has been SO romantic! Plus, we've heard that walking during the last few weeks of pregnancy brings on labor. It's also been a great excuse for me to ask him for a foot massage (which he is great at!) and it feels so much better after a long walk!

Step 3: Pack EVERYTHING!

The last way I'm getting ready for labor is by packing my hospital bag! Here's what I packed so far: newborn pampers with bellybutton cut out, baby wipes, butt paste, pacifier, bibs, socks, long sleeve snap wrap-around t-shirts, pajama slippers, underwear, breastfeeding bras, pajama pants and a baby blanket.

Last but not least, a post labor FAJA! Chicas, you KNOW the faja helps us get our flabby belly back quickly and gives us that much needed back support. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but many mamás swear by it.

Let me know if there's anything I FORGOT to pack! Also, tell me how you pampered yourself and prepared to give birth in the comments! 

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