SEE dad introduce baby with a touch of magic in hilarious pregnancy photos!

New dad Anthony Stuart is a graphic designer. So it only makes sense that when he found out he and his wife, Kristi, were expecting, he decided he wanted to introduce his baby to the world in the most creative way possible!

He took a series of hilarious photos capturing Kristi's pregnancy and when his baby girl, Grace, was finally born in July, he started a blog called "Daddy's Little Prop" (ha!) to debut his final results. And the snapshots showing off little Grace to the public are so funny and adorable, you're pretty much guaranteed to laugh out loud.

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In a blog post titled "The Magic Show," Stuart posted this super cute photo series featuring his family, in which he poses as a magician, conjuring up a baby with his wife. Each photo takes you through a different stage of the "trick," with one showing Stuart draping his cape of Kristi's belly (which were actually taken after baby, but hey, it's all part of the illusion right?) and pointing a toy wand at her and the next, unveiling her stomach to show off a sudden baby bump.

My favorite photo though is the last, in which we finally get to meet the then 7-week-old Grace, dressed as a little rabbit (get it? Magicians and rabbits? Haha!).

I absolutely love these photos! It's such a fun and creative way of capturing a pregnancy, because, after all, it all IS kind of magical. Check out the entire collection of pictures below:

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