5 Beauty & style tips to look your prettiest during pregnancy

For this week's Baby Daze, I want to talk about pregnancy and how it affects a woman's beauty and personal style. 

I believe that a woman never looks more gorgeous than when she's expecting a child (the pregnancy glow is a real thing!) and I also know that there's a laundry list of things you can do when you're pregnant to accentuate your look even more! Below, check out a few of my favorite style and beauty tips for women in their third trimester and then tell me: Will you be applying any of these tips to you look?


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1. Simplicity is key: Keep your hairstyles simple! It you have long hair, wash, dry, flat iron and part it on the side. It you have short hair, just do a quick blow dry. And if you're not in the mood to style your hair, a ballerina bun is always elegant and can be done easily with either dirty or clean hair. Again, simplicity is key and your belly is your best accessory! 

2. Flaunt that belly! Your belly is BEAUTIFUL. Don't hide it! Hiding your bump (or trying to) will only make you look bigger and some people wont be able to tell that you're pregnant. The third trimester is your time to show off your beautiful baby bump. Be proud of it! Some of my best looks ever were long, comfortable material dresses that were inexpensive. And some were non-maternity dresses from super affordable stores (think Joyce Leslie or J.C.Penney) that hugged my belly super cute! 

3. Wear (light) makeup: Use light foundation to even skin tone and hide spots brought on by pregnancy. Believe it or not, bronzer and rouge are a Latina's best friend and help contour your rounder face and growing nose. Use eyebrow pencil (or powder) to fill in and shape your eyebrows. Another great tip is to use lip balm by Erbaviva (which I love) and then apply lipstick or gloss because most pregnant women get really chapped lips. Also, eyelashes make a big difference and you wont need to use too much mascara (which tends to run on pregnant women because of hormonal changes and hot flashes). A smokey eye with brown, gold, and bronzes is easy to apply and will go with any look. Finish it off with black eyeliner!

4. Accessorize! When it comes to accessories, I like to keep it simple. I wear long necklaces that end at my belly button to bring attention to my baby bump (which, like I said, is a pregnant woman's best accessory!). Occasionally I wear long earrings to elongate my face, but I wear them alone with a ring. My wedding band doesn't fit anymore so I put it on a chain and wear it around my neck. 

5. The right shoes: If you're going to a special party or red carpet, I'm not going to lie: My tacones make my legs look longer and thinner, but they aren't recommended to be worn for long periods of time, especially in your third trimester. Do what I do and put them on for photos and then slip into your comfy flats or flip flops! You are pregnant, so take care of your feet. If you don't care for heels and your feet are swelling and aching, I recommend Alegria by PG Lite--they are the most comfortable shoes and boots for walking and are super cute and made to soothe your aching feet!

Of course, my fashion tips would be nothing without the clothes! So, for that, I have to thank Lolly Clothing (who were kind enough to give me the stunning red dress above!) and Carmen Marc Valvo (who gave me the stunning green dress). 

I hope these tips help, mamacitas! Please let me know in the comments! 

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