Touching pregnant women's bellies is ILLEGAL in Pennsylvania

Okay, so if you are not pregnant people tend to stay away from touching your belly or any other part of you without permission, but somehow when you become noticeably pregnant it's like you are wearing a sign that says, "Go on and lay your hands all over my belly without even asking me!" Well, pregnant women in Pennsylvania will no longer have to put up with this nonsense if they don't want to because the act is now illegal in the state. It all came about because of a harassment charge filed against a man in Cumberland County who touched a pregnant woman's belly without permission.


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Now, under the law in Pennsylvania touching a pregnant woman's belly without her permission is considered harrassment. This story is generating a lot of talk on social media with some saying that of course touching a person without their permission is harassment, while others think that criminalizing the act of touching is just too much.

I don't know how I feel about it. I think a total stranger coming up to you and laying their hands on you without permission is TOTALLY creepy, but here's the thing, I can't believe that a law has to be passed for something that is basically a manners issue. It is bad manners to do that to a pregnant or not pregnant woman for that matter. Duh!

I get it that pregnant bellies are exciting and I'm not telling anyone not to touch them, but unless it is your pregnant belly, you better be asking permission. Obviously, I didn't think it was harassment when my husband or mother reached to my pregnant belly, but I KNOW and trust them. I mean I don't like strangers touching me when I'm not pregnant, why would that all of a sudden change just because I am pregnant?

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