If you're hoping to make your pregnancy public with something a little more exciting than an ultrasound photo uploaded to Facebook, you've probably been scouring your brain and furiosly searching the Internet for ideas. It's not easy to come up with something funny, cute, unique or all of the above, that hasn't already been done by someone you know. But it's possible!

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Check out our slideshow below for some awesome ideas:

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Dinner Party Etiquette 1

Skip the e-announcement and throw a real live party. At a fancy dinner, it's always a must to address guests by their formal name--let everyone know just what they'll be going by in a few months by creating custom napkins with their future title stenciled or embroidered on.


Double the Fun 2

Double the Fun

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Becoming parents of multiples can be overwhelming. Lighten the mood with a hilarious pregnancy announcement photo that's sure to have your family and friends rolling on the floor, just like this good-humored couple did.


"Crack and Reveal" 3

Image via etsy.com

Whether you're announcing a pregnancy or your baby's gender, grandparents and your closest family and friends are sure to appreciate a hand-delivered announcement. These super-cute and classy quail egg announcements, will cost you a few bucks, but they're worth it, especially if you've been waiting a while for baby.

Sneakerheads 4

Growing your little family of sneakerheads? Tell the world with your own version of this adorable photo announcement featuring mom's, dad's and future baby's matching kicks.


Eating for Two 5

We all know you don't really have to eat for two, but the classic cliche is still a fun way to announce your pregnancy. I adore this beautiful photo of mama holding a big bowl of healthy-looking vittles, inscribed with the phrase "eating for two."


Sweet Sibling 6

Make your second baby's arrival just as special as your first's, by incorporating his or her older sibling into a sweet photo announcing your pregnancy. I love this adorable checklist for big sister--especially since your friends and family will have to read through until they get to the surprise at the end!


Please the Pet Lovers 7

Please the Pet Lovers

Image via etsy.com

Hit your loved ones with a one-two punch of cuteness by incorporating a beloved pet into your announcement. These "guard dog" plaques are funny and sweet all at the same time. And c'mon, we all know people who use social media just so they can look at cute pictures of pets and babies.