5 Things every husband should do for his pregnant wife

I'm so excited to be back for my second post and I love that I'm getting to know all of you, thanks to your awesome comments on my posts and the messages you've been sending me on Twitter! You all prove what I knew already: that Latina moms are badass!

For my first blog last week, I shared 9 Things people don't tell you about pregnancy and this week, I want to talk about another issue that all moms can relate to: The importance of having a great support system when you're expecting!


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Pregnant mamás go through a lot of physical and emotional changes! It can be overwhelming and difficult and having the right support system throughout your pregnancy is VERY important. I have been very lucky that my husband, Antonio, has supported me throughout my entire pregnancy.

Here are five ways my hubby has supported me throughout my pregnancy. Remember, it doesn't necessarily have to be your man, but if you're pregnant or are trying to conceive, make sure that you have someone you can lean on. We can't do everything on our own, mamitas!

1. We go to the doctor: My hubby doesn't miss any of my doc appointments. He has been to every single one, including the day they told us I was pregnant. Antonio is always so excited and holds my hand while I'm on the baby monitor and he loves to shoot video of our sonogram sessions where we get to see our son. He's a proud dad!

2. He makes sure the romance stays hot: Antonio constantly shows me physical affection. He kisses me and loves rubbing my belly. He massages my lower back and gives me foot-rubs! He compliments my looks, no matter how gordita I'm getting. He really has made an effort to stay romantic and keeps it sexy in the bedroom. That has really been important to me and I love that he initiates that connection between us. It's not just all about the baby--its been important to him to show me it's still about us.

3. He keeps me healthy: Antonio reminds me to eat healthy and to take my prenatal vitamins (which I'm not fond of because they make me nauseous). He helps me with the cooking so we can eat homemade meals that are healthier for me and he brings my favorite juices and snacks--even the occasional cuchifrito!!

4. He steps up with our family: My man has seriously come up to bat when it comes to taking care of our oldest daughter. I have slacked off because I'm so tired and exhausted all the time, but I know he is there to help out and it has kept our whole family much happier.

5. He's a proud papá: With the help of family and friends, Antonio threw me an amazing baby shower! We had a romantic dance to a song he dedicated to me, "Love Song" by The Cure. He makes sure our big family feels involved and connected to my pregnancy. Antonio even let our nieces and nephews give our baby boy his first nickname, Toñito!

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