5 Reasons why having another child would be a really bad idea

I'm not goint to lie. I get a bit jealous when I see a pregnant woman or one with a newborn baby--especially now that my youngest son is 4 1/2 years old and will be going to Kinder in the fall. Even though I may go a bit crazy some times thinking that I should have another child, I know deep down inside that my family is complete. But once in a while I still have to remind myself why having another baby would be a really bad idea ...


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1. Starting all over again. As I said before, my little one is on his way to Kinder this fall, so having a baby would mean starting from the beginning all over again. Just thinking about it makes my head spin.

2. Sleepless nights. I got super lucky with my kids who slept through the night pretty early on, but we still had a ton of sleepless nights and I honestly couldn't see myself doing that all over again. My kids are now at an age when they don't wake me up when they do, which means I get to sleep in on weekends ... and that's priceless!

3. Changing diapers. Argh! How I hated this baby task! Most people don't care, but it truly annoyed me--especially as my kids got older and their poop got bigger. And then, there's potty training, of course, which I wouldn't wish upon anyone. 

4. I'm not in my 30s anymore. I know there's nothing wrong with having a baby in your 40s, but I don't think I'd have the energy required to be on 24/7 with a newborn baby. Plus, I feel like I was already older when I had my two kids and I really don't want to be raising kids into my 60s.

5. Our family feels complete. It may sound kind of corny, but it's how I feel. My kids, a boy and a girl, are three years apart and they get along wonderfully. My family of four is just the perfect size and I believe we're all happy just the way we are.

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