5 Baby shower games that are actually fun

When I was pregnant for the first time, my sister was in charge of my baby shower. I clearly remember my reaction when she asked me about the game she was planning. I've gone to many a baby shower where the games were so cheesy I wanted to run out crying. But my sister told me to relax and let her do her thing ... and I'm so glad I did because we actually had a lot of fun! 


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Here are some fun baby shower games that are not corny!

1. Name that baby tune: Put together a mix of 10 to 15 songs that include the word "baby" and ask guests to guess the name of the tune. The one who names the most songs wins.

2. What's in the bag: Get a bunch of brown bags and put a small baby item in each one of them. Number the bags and keep a list of what's inside. Pass the bags around and let guests touch them so they can try to figure out what's inside. Sounds easy, but it's not, even for an experienced mom! The cool thing about this game is that the mom-to-be gets to keep all the baby items.

3. Baby photo: Ask guests to bring baby photos of themselves and them put them up on a board with a number under each photo. Guests have to guess who the photos belong to.

4. Memory game: Put several baby items inside a diaper bag and let each guest put her hands in the bag to get a feel for what's inside. Then have to write down what they felt. the guest with the most correct items wins.

5. Baby food jars: This game can be a bit disgusting, but it's a lot of fun--especially when the guest hasn't had a baby yet or if it's been a while since they had a baby in the house. All you need is a bunch of baby food jars without the labels. Guest get to try each jar and guess what food it is. 

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