5 Sneaky ways to hide your pregnancy before you're ready to announce it

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Now, before you go around telling everyone, you may want to take your time in doing so. It's hard to contain the excitement that you're expecting your first or next child, but sometimes it's better to wait than to reveal the news. Whether it's a superstition thing or you have a risky pregnancy history, we have you covered (so to speak).

You don't have to share the happiest moment of your life just yet and if you're looking to stall, we have some perfect solutions for you.


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Often women who are already moms can spot a pregnant woman from a mile away. Howver, if you're not looking to tell co-workers or certain family members just yet, there are a few things you can do to throw them off your tracks.

Check out our sneaky ideas below!

Fake-drinking: You obviously can't drink at a bar, so how do you draw attention from the fact you're not drinking alcohol? When friends aren't around tell the bartender to make you a virgin cocktail and explain your situation to him. The other option is ordering the same cocktail as your hubby and pretending to sip it as you switch the glasses to make it seem like you've been drinking.

Carry oversized purses: Hiding your expanding baby bump can be tricky, but sometimes all you need to do is accessorize it.  A big purse can do the trick because it can block a bump.

Body shapers are your friend: If you're still early into your pregnancy with a tiny bump you can get away with body shapers. Even some popular maternity clothing lines provide body shapers for your ever expanding tummy.

Start layering and wear dark colors: Black is ideal because it's slimming and easy to dress up. Layers such as wearing sweaters, blazers, jackets or vests can draw attention away from your growing bump. Another option is to go with bold patterns, but avoid horizontal stripes, flowy dresses and tops as they can make you look pregnant and give away your secret.  

Accessorize! This is the time to break out your costume and chunky jewelry. Not only will it be a fun way to play up your outfits, but it will draw attention away from your baby bump. You may even receive some compliments!

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