Dania Ramirez announces the sex of her twins & she's having ...

Devious Maids star Dania Ramirez proudly revealed that she is expecting twins back in July. Now the Latina has shared the sex of her babies! She broke the latest news to friends and family at her baby shower in West Hollywood this past weekend.

Dania revealed that she's expecting ...


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... a boy AND a girl! How exciting!

If you recall, the star posted a picture of a sonogram revealing that she was expecting twins on her Instagram account. In case you're wondering, no, Mr. Spence is not the father of her babies, ha! Instead the expectant mom is having twins with director husband Bev Land. The couple hosted her baby shower at hot spot Pearl where her Devious Maids co-stars and closest friends and family were present.

I'm guessing she's going to surprise us with her due date maybe via social media too! It's great that she's so open about her pregnancy and doesn't want to hide it like lots of other Hollywood moms. It's so cute that she's having the little couple, who wouldn't love that?

This is the biggest twin news Hollywood has seen since J.Lo had her own brood! We can't wait to see what other big baby news Dania has in store for us, but I'm sure she's counting down the days till she meets her precious twins! 

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