Pregnant mom's weight lifting goes viral: 5 myths about what you can't do while pregnant

When I saw this picture of a very pregnant Lea-Ann Ellison doing a squat while lifting a barbell, I was jealous. The 35-year-old's third baby is due in only two weeks and I would've given anything to have her strength, stamina and determination when I was pregnant. So I couldn't believe it when I learned Ellison has gotten all kind of mean and misguided comments after posting the photo to a CrossFit page on Facebook, but it guess it just goes to show how alive myths about what you can and can't do while pregnant still are. 


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Check out some of the absurd comments:

This is shocking and not in a good way. Lifting heavy things during pregnancy is dangerous to you and your baby. Especially being that far along and over your head. 

This isn't her staying healthy, this is her being selfish and putting her "looking good" over the health of her baby. But at least she'll "look good naked."

Sure you look and sound cool, but we're only human...why would you risk hurting your baby just to stay in shape? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. It's not a time to kick ass, it's a time to be protective of your unborn child. 

Amazing! So they're berating her because she's staying strong and healthy during her pregnancy instead of using it as an excuse to become a couch potato for nine months! Truth is that if you've been exercising before becoming pregnant, you can usually continue with your routine after consulting your doctor. 

This whole ridiculous brouhaha got me thinking about these other myths related to what you can't do while pregnant:

  • Have sex. Completely false, unless you have a medical condition and your doctor advises you against it. 
  • Drink coffee. Not true, just do it in moderation.
  • Drink alcohol. While it's not recommended, some studies show that a few glasses of wine here and there won't do any harm.
  • Travel by plane. Truth is you can fly up to the last minute, if you want, but many airlines won't let you because the don't want you delivering on their plane.
  • Eat fish or seafood. Truth is you should avoid certain fish, such as mackarel and swordfish, which pose a higher risk of mercury poisoning, but the rest are fine and should actually be a part of your diet. 

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