This hospital did the unthinkable to a new mom, all because she wasn't breastfeeding!

This may just be one of the most ludicrous things I've ever heard. A mom--who would rather not be identified--says she was denied food because she doesn't breastfeed her baby! The woman had taken her 5-month-old son to a local Australian hospital and was staying with him while he recovered from a lung infection. But she was astounded when a nurse informed her that she wouldn't be getting any food because that service was only available to breastfeeding moms.

Can you freaking believe it?!


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According to the hospital's policy, all parents who stay there with their sick children are provided with breakfast, but only moms who nurse their babies get lunch or dinner too. The ones who don't, have to go get their own food, which means they have to separate from their sick kids to go feed themselves. 

I'm sure that the purpose of the ridiculous policy is to save money, but it's pretty biased. You could almost say that the hospital is punishing women who don't breastfeed. While that may not be their intention, I would interpret it like that if a nurse told me what this mom was told. And that is totally unfair!

Truth is, I'm sick and tired of moms being treated differently depending on the way they've chosen to feed their babies. All moms know how incredibly beneficial it is for our kids to be breastfed, but not all of us can or want to do it--and that's nobody's business!

I think it's outrageous that a hospital would deny food to a mother who's already in distress having to deal with her child's sickness. The hospital's role should be to provide her with all the support she needs to deal with the difficulties of having a sick child and not to punish her for not nursing him. 

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