Mom delivers her own baby in car going 80 MPH & we are officially impressed

In case you needed any more proof that women really do have superpower capabilities at times, a Georgia mom recently delivered her own baby in the front of seat of a car that was going 80 MPH on a highway! Does that sound like a scene straight out of a movie or what?!

And just wait ... the story gets way crazier from there.


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According to WSBTV, Katrena Leonard was in the passenger seat as her husband frantically tried to get her to the hospital in time for the actual birth. But they must have waited too long to head out because pretty soon, Leonard says she couldn't wait any longer.  She ended up delivering her own baby right there in the front of the car.

Amazingly enough, that's not even the most unbelievable part of the whole incident. Leonard says that she was so afraid her husband would crash when he realized the baby was already out, that she actually hid the newborn under her dress! Can you believe that?! So not only did she give birth without the help of any doctors, she also apparently managed to do it so quickly that her husband didn't even notice at first!

Of course, the husband soon heard the baby's cries and once he realized what had happened, he gunned it the rest of the way to the hospital. Upon first arriving, the nurses didn't believe that Leonard had already given birth, until they finally spotted the baby and rushed to her aid. Seriously, this story just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

Despite their ridiculously wild ride, both mom and baby were thankfully okay--which is honestly a miracle, considering all they went through! I mean, I've heard lots of crazy birth stories but this one definitely ranks pretty high on the list. I'm just glad that they're both happy and healthy now. Hopefully, their time together will be a lot smoother (well, as smooth as it can be with a newborn) from here on out!

Image via WSBTV

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