Woman had ovaries removed 7 years ago, but now she's pregnant with twins!

In an absolutely miraculous turn of events, an Australian woman, who thought she would never be able to have kids after getting both ovaries removed, is now pregnant with twins! Is that amazing or what?!

Apparently, 24-year-old Vali (her last name has not been released), underwent a procedure to get both of her ovaries removed seven years ago as part of a cancer treatment. At the time, she asked doctors to preserve some of her ovarian tissue just in case--and that request has now changed her life in the best of ways!


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Back in 2010, doctors grafted some of the preserved tissue back into her abdomen wall. They performed the same surgery a second time two years later in 2012. And though medics say the procedure is new and the likelihood of success is slim, fate must have been on Vali's side because it worked!

She was able to produce two eggs, which were then fertilized and placed back inside her uterus. Now, she and her partner, Dean, are expecting twin girls. The success of Vali's procedure marks a major breakthrough in the medical world, one which doctors say will help give hope to other cancer survivors who didn't think they could have children.

Wow ... that's absolutely incredible. The things we can accomplish in the medical field, with the help of  new technology, only seem to get more and more astounding, don't they? These doctors deserve all the credit in the world for helping to make Vali's dream to become a mom come true. After all she's been through, no one is more worthy of such a happy occasion! Congrats to the parents-to-be!   

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