Baby born alive & well after doctors told his mother to abort because he was brain dead

I realize that doctors are not gods and they make mistakes, but the mistake that was made when it came to diagnosing Sarah Hagan and her unborn baby is just TOO much! Hagan was 24 weeks pregnant last May when she went in for an ultrasound at Sunderland Royal Hospital in the United Kingdom and was told that her baby's brain had not formed properly. She was told the baby was brain dead and had no hope, that the child could be born with one eye, and that termination was the way to go. She was given the option of taking tablets to terminate or being sent to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary where a fetal heart stop could be preformed.


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After spending an agonizing night deciding what to do, Hagan opted to take tablets. On Wednesday, May 9, she was back in the hospital because the tablets did not seem to be working. While there, she was seen by a neo-natal doctor who told her that he was going to deliver the baby.

On Thursday, May 10, Aaron Hagan Perry was born weighing 1 pound 7 ounces ... and guess what? He was born with a functioning brain and two eyes. He suffered a near fatal infection and heart condition because he was born so early and he had to be put on a ventilator.

Now, 38-year-old Sarah Hagan and her 25-year-old partner, Darren Perry, are suing City Hospital Sunderlands and I hope they win. Their child, who somehow miraculously survived the attempt to abort because of a ridiculous misdiagnosis, has health problems like chronic lung issues and a cyst on the brain that could have been avoided if he weren't delivered so early.

Seriously, I hope the people responsible for the misdaignosis are stripped of their jobs and abilitly to practice medicine. Like I said before, I know doctors aren't gods, but they should know too. They should be aware that they are not infallible and recommend getting second opinions before they tell someone there is NO hope and push for an abortion.

Oh and you should know that even though Aaron was said to be brain dead while in the womb, his brain works just as well as any other "normal" child's brain his age.

I wish the family the best.

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