5 Amazing pregnancy time-lapse videos you just have to see! (VIDEOS)

One creative dad-to-be recently captured his wife's pregnancy on camera by turning the entire nine months into an easy, breezy walk in the park ... literally!

As can be seen in the awesome timelapse video below, cinematographer Jesse Beecher records his expecting wife, Lyra, as she takes a one-minute stroll through various streets and parks; well, that's what it seems like anyway!


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In reality, the distance she "walks" crosses states (including Oregon, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine) and follows the change of seasons (she starts in boots and a hat and ends in flip flops and a skirt!). But the biggest giveaway of the actual time elapsed? Her growing belly!

Check out the entire video below, as well as more amazing timelapse pregnancy videos:

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