Wet nurses on the rise as adults feed on breast milk, "Mother Nature's smoothie"

The idea of an adult drinking breast milk is usually received with looks of disgust, but in China it's now considered ... the norm. There are even wet nurses who are being well paid to provide just that. Adults breastfeeding may sound like some perverted fetish, but it's far from it.

In fact, the reason that the Chinese are paying so much money to be breastfed is quite shocking and heartbreaking.


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The South China Morning Post reveals that wet nurses are being paid up to $2,700 a month to provide milk for their adult clients. Initially it sounds strange, but the truth is that chronically diseased people are using this method to get nourishment. You see many of China's foods are contaminated or processed and people are desperate for natural food. Therefore, they are turning to breast milk--which is considered "Mother Nature's smoothie." 

You can't get any food more natural than breast milk and it particularly works well for those that are ill since its substances are immune boosting. It's no surprise that this sudden feeding method is controversial since there are people out there who use it for sexual pleasure.

I don't see anything wrong with it if it means saving a life and maintaining people in good health. However, I think China should find a way to enforce rules on feeding adults  Mother Nature's "smoothie." You never know if a person with bad intentions may try to take advantage of a wet nurse. Otherwise this concept is truly brilliant!  

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