12 Questions you MUST ask your obstetrician at your first pregnancy appointment

I don't know if it was my training as a journalist, but once it was confirmed I was pregnant, I went to my first OB appointment armed with a long list of questions. Some were simple and many probably made me sound kind of stupid, but information empowers me, so I went ahead and prepared my "interrogation" as my husband called it. 

If you just found out you're pregnant, here's a list of 12 things you MUST ask your doctor at your first checkup:


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1. Are there any specific complications or conditions that I should worry about?

2. Is it okay to continue taking my current prescription medications and if not what is the alternative?

3. What's the recommended weight gain and at what rate?

4. There are several options when it comes to prenatal classes, which do you recommend?

5. What are the main symptoms I'll be getting and what should I do to deal with them?

6. How do you feel about birth plans and will you help me work on mine?

7. What are your thoughts on inductions and scheduled c-sections?

8. What are your thoughts on pain medication?

9. Do you routinely do episiotomies? How often do you use a vacuum or forceps?

10. What is the best way to get in touch with you? Is there a time that's better than another? What if you're not available?

11. How long is each prenatal visit?

12. Are there prenatal tests you routinely recommend?

Finally, make sure to write down anything that comes up in between prenatal visits... you won't believe how easily you'll forget if you don't.

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