Watch your mouth around pregnant women, their babies ARE listening!

You know what drives me crazy? When I'm in a public place where there are kids and someone drops the f-bomb like it's no big thing. Look, I'm a grown up and I'm totally okay using foul language and four letter words, but there is a time a place and doing it in front of kids is just not right. They pick up on these words so quickly. So I watch my mouth around kids because they deserve better than profanity. I think most people with any sense watch their mouth around kids and if they slip, they apologize, but it turns out that perhaps we should all be watching our mouths around pregnant women as well. 


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According to findings published online in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, during the third trimester of pregnancy, babies can hear within the womb.

In the last trimester of pregnancy the sound processing parts of the brain become active. Cognitive neuroscientist Eino Partanen of the University of Helsinki says,"If you put your hand over your mouth and speak, that's very similar to the situation the fetus is in. You can hear the rhythm of speech, rhythm of music, and so on."

You see? That totally makes it worth watching your words around a pregnant woman. Shoot, I would go as far as to say that pregnant woman should be warned against watching any Samuel L. Jackson movies during their last trimester if they don't want their baby's first word to be "m@therf@cker."

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