5 Ways to deal with post-partum hair loss

Like most women, you were probably pretty ecstatic with that thick and shiny mane of hair you had during those 40 weeks of pregnancy. Which is why it's even harder to understand why once you gave birth to your baby your hair suddenly started to shed. That's because after pregnancy your estrogen levels tend to decline, causing all that hair that was resting during pregnancy to fall out. Seeing chunks of pelo in your shower drain? Don't panic, chica! You're not going to go bald. Your hair loss days are only temporary.


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Remember, it's all just hormonal. In the meantime there are ways you can reduce the shedding and pump up the volume on your strands until they totally return back to normal. And I'm not talking hair extensions. Here are five helpful tips below!

Consider getting a cut: Thinning tends to be more noticeable on women with longer hair. Give your strands some shape by getting a professional cut that will make hair appear healthier and fuller. If you're experiencing fine hair in the front near your hairline, ask your stylist to cut you bangs or add layers in the front.

Use volumizing products: Because your hair loss is due to hormonal changes not lack of nutrition, instead of stacking up on vitamins and supplements, try looking for hair products that are going to help boost up volume. Try Kiehl's Ultimate Thickening Shampoo ($18). Just make sure to always check in with your doctor before using any product if you're still breast feeding.

Stimulate your scalp: Look for a formula that's going to help stimulate your hair follicles and promote growth, like the Ojon Damage Reverse Thickening Restorative Scalp Treatment ($33). Or you can go all natural by simply massaging your scalp for two to three minutes using coconut or rosemary oil.

Consider laser: Most of us don't have the time or the money to schedule in hair growth laser treatments. Luckily there's an at-home device, the HairMax Hair Growth Laser Light Device ($300) that not only stops hair loss but leaves hair thicker and fuller. How awesome is that?

Don't stress: Try to relax. Stressing over your hair loss will only make it worse! If after a few months from giving birth you still don't see any improvements, talk to your doctor.

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