Woman wakes up from coma to find out she's 3 months pregnant!

Picture this: you're in a coma, and when you wake up from it, you realize you've forgotten the last THREE years of your life. Plus, here's the big shocker: You learn you are pregnant! This happened to Gemma Holmes, a British woman who got into a deadly accident driving a moped, which left her with a serious brain injury and a broken back.

She wasn't expected to survive, but when she woke up she lost memory of the past three years of her life and found out she was three months pregnant. Her bigger problem was that she couldn't remember who the child's father was. Yeesh, talk about a serious telenovela plot!


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The U.K. Mirror reports that Gemma was found to be 12 weeks pregnant through tests at the hospital. The decision to keep the baby fell to Gemma's mother, Jamie's hands. This was a tough call because doctors said that terminating the pregnancy would be ideal since Gemma's back would not get repaired until after she gave birth. Instead of making a hasty decision, Julie waited for Gemma to come out of her coma to let her decide.

Much to their surprise, Gemma awoke and told them she wanted to keep the baby--even though she didn't know who the father was. However, she based her decision on the fact that it was a miracle that the fetus survived despite her horrid accident. 

After a rough pregnancy in which she couldn't take painkillers to protect the baby, Gemma gave birth via C section to a healthy baby boy she named Ruben Miracle Holmes. Now Gemma faces surgery on her back, which will hopefully allow her to walk again in the near future.

Wow, what an incredible story! This woman is not only brave for keeping the baby despite her serious injuries, but she is one tough cookie. I don't know if I could do what she did had I been in the same position. Hopefully she can have the surgery she needs now without any complications. Perhaps the publicity on her crazy story will also cause the father of the child to step forward.

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