5 Changes every new mom can expect

Fergie officially changed her name from Stacy Ann Ferguson to Fergie Duhamel Friday proving how much things change when one becomes a mom. Although the Black Eyed Peas vocalist's son with husband of nearly five years, Josh Duhamel, is not due until next month, the mom-to-be is quickly finding out that life as she knows it is about to change drastically.


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Here are a few changes Fergie and every new mom can expect:

No more sleep. I know this one is obvious, but no one really understands this one until it actually happens. I've never ever been as tired as I was the first few months after my first daughter was born. 

Being ravenous. I can't tell if this is something that only happens to breastfeeding moms, but I always felt like I couldn't get enough to eat and drink. Every time I finished nursing my kids, I wanted to eat everything in my sight. I had never felt like that, not even during my pregnancies.

Extreme love. You've never loved somebody as you will your baby. The most amazing part is that despite the fact that you've never seen him before, the love you'll feel for him is so strong it's actually scary.

Extreme worry. While you were probably shocked every time you heard tragic news regarding children, once you become a mom you can't help but worry about something similar happening to your own child. From school massacres to child abuse, you'll worry a lot more than you ever have when your baby is born.

Your relationship with your hubby. Yes, things will be different for obvious reasons, but my favorite part in which this part of my life changed for me is that I melted every time I saw my husband being a dad ... I still do.  And Fergie's hubby seems like he's going to be a super cute hands-on dad, so she'll probably have that same reaction. I love seeing that part of my husband and the amount of love he has in him for his children. It may sound like an exaggeration, but I think it's fair to say that you'll fall in love with your husband all over again!

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