Jenni Rivera's daughter Jacqie is pregnant with her second child!

The Rivera family keeps growing! Jacqie, Jenni Rivera's second daughter, announced over the weekend that she's pregnant with her second child with husband Mike Campos. Their first daughter, Jayla, is already 4 years old. I'm sure Jenni is sending her blessings from up high.

The first blessing the family has had was the birth last week of Rosie Rivera's daughter. The baby, according to her own abuela Pedro Rivera, was coming in such a hurry that she didn't even let her mom get to the hospital. She came to the world in her parents' car! I don't even think her own tía Jenni was as impatient!


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Jacqie, who is about to release a Christian music album and confessed publicly that she had a romantic relationship with another woman after the birth of her first daughter, announced on Instagram with a picture of two positive pregnancy tests. She revealed she's only 26 days into her new pregnancy.

After the ecstatic future parents, the person who showed the most happiness on social media was Jenni's youngest son, Johnny: "My brother-in-law @mikecampos6 told me a few weeks ago, he was going to bring me the nephew I've always wanted and now my sister @jmelina217 is pregnant with her 2nd child!" he wrote when he posted the same photo. The first granddaughters la Diva de la Banda had were Jayla and Luna, who is Michael Marin's daughter.

To be honest, since I'm a little old-school, I would have waited a little longer to announce my pregnancy to the world. I don't know, 26 days seems like such a short time, but I get that we're living in the time of need-to-know-now. In any case, I love that the Riveras are moving on full-force with their lives. There's nothing like babies to banish ghosts and any traces of sadness. 

Congratulations to Jacqie and her family!

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