Jenni Rivera's sister, Rosie, gives birth to baby girl!

Looks like congratulations are in order for Rosie Rivera Flores! The sister of the late singer Jenni Rivera has officially given birth to a baby girl. Such exciting news!

Flores announced the happy news on Twitter late last night. "Thank you God for giving me a baby girl that's healthy, beautiful and strong. She wasn't born in water or at the hospital, but was born somewhere else...that's very special!" she wrote.


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In a series of heartfelt messages shared with her followers, Flores not only gave thanks for her newborn daughter, but also made a point to pay tribute to her sister while doing so. After confirming that her daughter was born on Wednesday, she also later added that it's the same day of the week that her aunt Chay (the family's nickname for Rivera) and "her beautiful cousin Chiquis" were born on. And she went on to express gratitude to Rivera for watching over both her and her newborn daughter, writing:

Yesterday was a Tuesday and today I saw my sister. Thank you God that today, on a Wednesday, Chay helped pass a beautiful baby girl from your arms into my arms.

Aw ... what an amazing yet emotional sentiment. Though it's a blessing for anyone to welcome a child into their life, I'm sure that it must also be a little bittersweet to experience that unforgettable moment without her sister--and her newborn baby's aunt--to witness it. Still, it's obvious that Rivera was never too far from Flores' mind and I'm certain that will only continue to stay true as the baby grows up. Now we're left wondering what she's going to name her baby. Congratulations to Rosie and the entire family!

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