Penelope Cruz gives birth to baby girl the same day royal baby is born!

It looks like all the buzz surrounding the royal baby kept Penélope Cruz's recent delivery undetected. The Spanish actress gave birth to her second child, a new daughter yesterday at Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid, Spain, the same day Kate Middleton gave birth to her royal son. How funny is that?


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Penélope and her handsome hubby, Javier Bardem, already have a 2-year-old son together, Leo. So I have to say I'm pretty excited that they now have a little girl! There's still no word on what they named her, but knowing these two they probably came up with a super cute and sophisticated Spanish name. You figure the boy's name is Leo Encinas Cruz. It doesn't get any more Spanish than that.

Honestly, It doesn't really surprise me that Penélope's delivery went unnoticed because despite all the focus on the royal baby, she and Javier have always been pretty private when it comes to their personal lives. I mean how many pictures have you actually seen of their son Leo? And I'm sure they'll remain just as private with their new baby girl, understandably.

One thing's for sure, Pé must be incredibly overjoyed. She admitted last year in an interview with Harper's Bazaar that motherhood changed her for the better. She even started turning down roles to spend more time with her son. So I can only imagine how dedicated she's going to be now that she has two bebés.

I'm very excited for Penélope and her hubby--and I can't wait to see pictures of their little girl. And with these two good looking parents, I'm 100 percent sure she's gorgeous!

Image via The Weinstein Company

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