Dania Ramirez announces she's pregnant with twins!

It looks like some big congrats are in order for Latina actress Dania Ramirez and her husband John Beverly Amos Land. The Devious Maids star just announced that she is pregnant--with twins! Such exciting news!


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The 33-year-old shared the happy news by posting a picture of her sonogram on Instagram. Alongside the photo, she wrote the caption, "I am proud 2 Announce our 2 NEW BUNDLES OF JOY! Yes, I'm having TWINS! & No They Do not Belong 2 Mr.Spence. Lol! 13-5-22."

"Mr. Spence" refers to the man her Devious Maids character is having an affair with on the show. As for the sequence of numbers, I'm not entirely sure what those mean. Maybe the day she found out she was pregnant? Or something a little more scandalous, like the date of conception? Haha, just kidding ... I hope!

Ramirez and Land were married last February in the Dominican Republic and these are her first (two!) children.

Aww, I'm so thrilled for them! Having a baby is such a blessing and these two are lucky enough to be welcoming two! I have no doubt in my mind that Ramirez will make an amazing and dedicated mami. And though raising two babies while balancing such a demanding schedule (I wonder if they'll write her pregnancy into the show?!) will definitely be tricky, I'm sure she and her husband will find a way to balance it all. Maybe she can even recruit some of her co-stars to babysit!

Of course, the next question now is: will they be boys, girls or one of each?! Regardless of the sex, one thing's for sure: those babies are lucky to have such a capable and talented mom!

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