Mom gives birth to record-breaking 13 pound baby, deserves a round of applause (VIDEO)

A newborn baby girl has set a record at a local Pennsylvania hospital, when she weighed in at an astonishing 13 pounds and 12 ounces after birth!

Apparently, her parents, Michelle and Mark Cessna, expected the baby to be big as their two sons were also larger when they first born--but no one thought she would ever top 10 pounds! Wow, giving birth to three heavy babies, including one that's 13 pounds? This mom seriously deserves a round of applause!


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The baby girl, Addyson Gale Cessna, is also around two feet tall. She was delivered by C-section--which I personally don't think makes the birth any less of an impressive feat. I mean, either way, you gotta admit that's still a whole lot of baby!

"I think as mothers, we all have that initial, 'Oh my that must have hurt,' and they're right. That's big," Dr. Yannie Narcisse, one of the delivering doctors, told KDSK. Yeah, no kidding! An average baby is about 7 pounds--meaning Cessna's daughter is almost twice that.

Thankfully, both mom and baby are healthy. And though Cessna says she has experienced some pain and discomfort since the birth, it's all worth it for what she calls her "perfect little family." Aww!

Meanwhile the hospital says it doesn't keep records on birthweights, but the two doctors involved told KDSK they believe Addyson is the largest baby they've ever delivered. And from the looks of the video below, she's also one of the cutest. Just look at those adorably chubby little legs and cheeks!

Image via KDKA

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