Kim Kardashian: 'I'm NEVER getting pregnant again!'

If you didn't know by now, Kim Kardashian FINALLY gave birth to a baby girl this Saturday in Los Angeles, California. Reportedly, she had been rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe stomach pains which may have been linked to a stomach infection she got prior to the baby's delivery.  

It's been no secret that Kim hasn't had the easiest pregnancy. In the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, she cries in agony and insists that she is NEVER getting pregnant again.


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In the episode Kim says the pain she was experiencing was so extreme that she could hardly walk. After complaining about it for a while, and admitting she could never go through another pregnancy, the doctor shifts the attention on the well-being of the fetus and Kim finally realizes that the baby's health is what matters most right now. Luckily, the doctor said the fetus was fine which relieved the heavily pregnant Kardashian.

Kim describes the pain as if she were going through labor, which the doctor feared was appendicitis, but surgery was way too risky. However, it turned out that Kim had a stomach infection, in addition to the other slew of pregnancy issues she already experienced.

We hope her labor was easier than her pregnancy. As she put so dramatically, "If labor is worse than this I will hang myself, I will literally take a knife and slit my throat," She seems to have made it through OK, so here's to hoping her birthing experience made up for all the drama she dealt with through her pregnancy by being easy and uneventful.

Kim Kardashian may have annoyed us by being the most miserable pregnant woman alive, but thankfully that ordeal is now over. The baby's name remains unknown, though rumor has it her name begins with a "K". 

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