Now daddies can feel their babies kick just like their pregnant wives! (VIDEO)

One of the best parts of pregnancy for me was being able to feel my baby move inside of me. The first time I found out I was pregnant and before I ever felt any movement, I thought it would freak me out, that it would feel like having some sort of alien take over my body, I was so wrong.

It felt like butterfly wings (or maybe gas) the first few times. Then when the movements started getting stronger, it didn't feel intrusive at all. I found it soothing and reassuring. It made me feel more connected to my child. It's a shame that fathers can't experience that bond with their unborn child ... until now! The Huggies pregnancy belt lets fathers feel their baby move!


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Huggies spent four months creating a belt that will allow expecant fathers to feel in real time the movements of their baby. Mamá straps on a belt and so does Papá. When Mom feels the baby kick, Dad feels the kick at the same time and in the same place on his belly.

You can watch the Huggies ad below that shows how the pregnancy belt works. The expectant fathers' reactions, here all dads from Argentina, are very sweet. Now that Huggies has made the pregnancy belt so that fathers can experience the beauty of pregnancy, I would like to suggest that they also make a heartburn belt and hemorrhoid underwear for expectant dads because pregnancy isn't all butterfly wings and baby kicks.

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