Amazing mom gives birth to twins in middle of desert, revives one & we're in awe

Lynette Hales is our hero. The pregnant woman gave birth to twins in the middle of the road in an uninhabited stretch of Utah desert. When her labor started and her water broke, she was traveling by car through the desolate area--and there was no time to get to a hospital! Hales was traveling with just one friend.

But this amazing mom's story is even CRAZIER than you could imagine!


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As if this wasn't harrowing enough, one of Hales' twins was not breathing when he was born, but she jumped into action and performed CPR on the baby successfully reviving him. Amazing!

Hales and a friend were on Interstate 80, which links Utah with Nevada, when her water unexpectedly broke three months before her due date. They were driving a 25 mile stretch to the closest town when this happened, but they didn't have enough time to get there and to the hospital. So Hales and her friend had to stop in the middle of the desert, dial 911 and hope for the best.


Thankfully, the 911 operator was able to give Hales instructions on how to deliver her own babies. So with the help of that opeator and her friend, Hales amazingly delivered her two babies in the stranded minivan.

But one of the little guys wasn't breathing at the moment of birth, so the mom herself had to administer CPR and miraculously was able to revive him.

After the dramatic birth, an ambulance arrived for all fo them and immediately took them to the nearest hospital, where they all received the medical care they needed. Doctors say they are doing well, despite being born under these stressful circumstances and three months premature.

It's amazing how a woman's body is so wise, it just knows what to do in a way. I'm amazing how some women are able to give birth in incredible circumstances, as if by instict. Hales and her two babies are truly a family of warriors--and what amazing story to tell them when they're older!

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