5 Unconventional methods that increase your chances of getting pregnant

Since the beginning of time there have been different methods to help you conceive on time or make you more fertile. Now there's even an app for that! Introducing Glow, an app created by PayPal cofounder Max Levchin, which tracks and predicts the days you are most fertile. Although it hasn't launched yet, women can enter their menstrual cycle information, how they're feeling, and according to this information, the app will display on a calendar the days they are most fertile.

As amazing as this app may sound, you would be surprised to know that there are OTHER interesting methods that help increase your chances of getting pregnant. 


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There are various factors that women should take into consideration when trying to get pregnant. A few things include watching their diet, making sure they are taking the vitamins necessary to have a healthy baby, and de-stressing. But there are also other shortcuts to up your chances of conceiving.

These methods can be a bit shocking to you if you've never heard of them, but if you're trying to have a baby, it's worth the shot. Take a look at these interesting ways that can boost your chances of getting pregnant fast. Don't be surprised if you have a bun in the oven soon enough after using these tips!

Use a fertility kit: Respected doctor and mother, Dr. Lara Oboler created a pre-pregnancy kit called PregPrep intended to help women get pregnant quickly due to its special ingredients. Too much cervical mucus tends to be a huge factor in couples not being able to conceive, but a natural mucolyptic found in this kit will thin it out, upping your chances of pregnancy. Many women who have used it claim they have gotten pregnant between the first or second month of using it.

Have sex often: This one is a given, but you would be surprised to know that many women wait until they are ovulating to have sex. Ovulation occurs 10 to 14 days after your period and while you can wait for that window, it isn't always guaranteed to work. Instead opt to try and have sex on non-ovulating days as well to increase the possibility of pregnancy. At least aim for three days a week.

Protect his manhood: Although this doesn't affect you per se, it is important that your man has healthy sperm Make sure he wears boxers and avoids briefs to keep genital temperatures down. Other effective methods include avoiding placing hot laptops on his lap, staying away from hot tubs, and making sure to get him tested to verify his sperm count. But remember, just keep the area at a comfortable temperature! 

Choose the right sex positions: You'd be surprised to know that the right sex positions can get you pregnant. The missionary position is a surefire way to conceive because it prevents sperm from leaking and stays in the body longer. Avoid any positions which has you on top as it lessens the chances of the sperm sticking,

Treat your body like it's pregnant: This may sound silly, but in order to get pregnant, your body needs to feel like it already is. This means cutting out smoking, alcohol, processed foods, and replacing it with wholesome eating and healthy habits. By eating the way you would if you were already pregnant you're not only setting yourself up for a healthier pregnancy but increasing your chances of it happening too. Make sure to also take prenatal vitamins, folic acid, zinc, calcium, and iron.

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