Confirmed: Beyonce is going to be a mommy again!

Multiple sources have confirmed to E! News that singer Beyonce is pregnant with baby number two! Speculation about a possible pregnancy has been all around in the last few weeks and it seems like now there is some truth to it. Bey was forced to cancel a show in Belgium on Tuesday as advised by her doctors who told her to rest due to dehydration and exhaustion.

Beyonce who already has 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy with husband and rapper Jay-Z has been open about wanting to expand their family and now this great news would really seal the deal. This is so exciting that I don't know who is more elated, the parents or Blue Ivy!


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Rumors were already swirling about Bey's pregnancy after she wore a high-waisted Givenchy dress to the Met Gala this month and a suspicious looking baby bump appeared underneath her costume during a show overseas earlier this week. She also graciously apologized to fans of her canceled show this week due to doctors orders and promised to make it up to them

Even though Beyonce and Jay-Z themselves haven't confirmed the pregnancy yet, I'm sure that the truth will come out once they are ready for it. Remember how long it took them to confirm when she was pregnant the first time around? She's also been super candid about the miscarriage she experienced before her precious daughter was born. That scare alone can easily be the reason why they're being cautious with revealing any news.

Either way, we couldn't be more excited if there is another little Bey or Jay-Z on the way. They could eventually expand from a power couple to a power family. Watch out Kardashians!

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