An expectant mother from Indiana wasn't quite prepared to give birth to her baby girl a week before her estimated due date. After experiencing some minor contractions, Teresa Moyer and her husband Jason rushed to Columbus Regional Hospital, but before she could make it in she welcomed her 6 lb., 11oz. bundle of joy into the world right in the parking lot. Talk about one quick labor!

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But Teresa wasn't the only one surprised by her out of the blue labor. Venissa Altman, a woman who works the valet parking for the hospital was too. In fact, she was the one who would up delivering the baby!

"Baby's shoulders, head, it is all coming out and I am kind of catching it like a football," Venissa told Fox 59.

So how was this mother not able to tell earlier that she was going into labor? Teresa, who already has 6 children with her husband Jason, claims that even though she was feeling some contractions throughout the day she wasn't really keeping track of how far apart they were. And since the baby wasn't due for another week she thought she had nothing to worry about. But when the contractions started to get more serious she left work and met with her husband, who then drove her to the hospital. It looks like her baby girl Hannah wasn't willing to wait because she came right out in the passenger seat as they were trying to pull out of the car. Luckily Venissa was right there and on time to catch her. How crazy was that timing?

The couple claims they wouldn't mind having a baby number eight one day, but when the time comes they're going to make sure that they're much better prepared. I'm just glad to hear that the baby was born fine and healthy. This is definitely an experience that mother will never forget!

Image via Fox 59

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