Mom gives birth to twins on a train for the SECOND time!

Giving birth to twins can be scary enough, but can you imagine giving birth to twins on a train--twice?! That's exactly what happened to Indian woman Zubin Nisha. Nisha was traveling from Mumbai to Gonda to get to the hospital when she suddenly went into labor, making it the second time in four years that she delivered twins on a train!


The unbelievable coincidence took place on Sunday as Nisha was riding the train with her husband in the general compartment. Once they realized what was happening, fellow passengers rushed to her aid, calling railway staff and making room for her to get comfortable. Though train employees alerted a medical team to stand by at the next stop, Nisha ended up giving birth to her twin boys before they could reach the station.

Thankfully, both mom and babies were safe and were immediately taken to a nearby hospital upon arriving at the platform. The twin boys will be younger siblings to Nisha's other 4-year-old twins, a boy and a girl who were also delivered in a moving train!

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Wow, how crazy is that?! Giving birth even in a hospital can be anxiety-inducing enough, since the parents-to-be are just praying that everything goes smoothly and that the baby is born safe. So I can't even begin to imagine being in Nisha's situation once, let alone twice! And both times to two sets of twins, no less. Clearly, she is one strong lady.

And her husband thinks so too. "Well, indeed this is some sort of a record, but what can I say," he said. "I can call this a rare blessing of god almighty that my kids come into this world in such a manner."

I'm just glad that everyone miraculously pulled through both of those train births safely. Still, I hope Nisha will allow herself a little more to get to the hospital should she decide to have any more babies in the future!

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