Kim Kardashian is ready to give birth after difficult pregnancy & I don't blame her

Kim Kardashian is ready to finally give birth already, and I really can't blame her. The reality TV queen hasn't' had an easy pregnancy. The girl has gone through pain, health scares, stress from the extremely long divorce with ex-husband Kris Humphries (which was finally finalized) and an insane amount of maternity fashion misses it's not even funny. And to top it off the poor girl is now experiencing incredibly swollen feet which she can barely fit into any of her fancy shoes. Heck, I'd be ready to pop that baby out too!


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It looks as though Kim has had a pretty miserable pregnancy. She's just dying to finally give birth and honestly between constantly getting sick and suffering a miscarriage scare, who wouldn't be? The fact that she hasn't been a 100 percent comfortable in her pregnancy body has totally shown in the crazy maternity gear she's been wearing for the last couple of months as well. It's almost as if she was trying to conceal her bump and new curves. And believe me she's received a fair amount of criticism for it from a ton of reporters--myself included!

With only a few months until her due date (which we're still not sure if it's July or June), now she's suffering from extremely swollen feet. Ugh. That has to be the most irritating and uncomfortable thing about pregnancy, especially for a chick who loves her some high-heels. She even posted a picture of on her Instagram account with the caption, "Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?"

I personally feel that the her almost two-year long divorce battle against Kris Humphries really took a toll on her pregnancy. I mean, who wouldn't be stressed out if they were expecting a baby and still not divorced from their ex-husband? Then to make matters worse, her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West has been in Paris working on his latest album so they've hardly spent anytime together throughout most her pregnancy. She's been in pain, she can't manage to pull together a cute and acceptable maternity outfit, then on top of it all, she's constantly being compared to her older sister Kourtney, who apparently had two easy-breezy pregnancies.

In other words, poor Kim hasn't been able to catch a break. So it only makes sense that she's totally over this pregnancy. I'd be counting the days until my due date too.

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