Jessica Alba wore a double corset for 3 months straight to get her figure back!

Jessica Alba has finally revealed the real secret to her killer post-baby bod—and it's probably not what you expect! In a recent interview with Net-A-Porter, the 31-year-old mother of two confessed that she actually spent three months strapped into two girdles following the birth of her second daughter, Haven.

"I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it," Alba said. The actress also called the process "brutal" and acknowledged that "it's not for everyone."

OK, I've heard of women wearing fajas after pregnancy before, but I have to admit that it always sounded a litlte crazy to me. That just seems so painful and uncomfortable. And to wear two at a time, like Alba did? How do you even breathe?! 


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Still, even though I don't think I'd ever go to the same lengths, Alba's method actually can work. Here are 5 ways that wearing a faja really can help you get your pre-pregnancy body back:

  1. Girdles and corsets improve your posture and actually help reduce that uncomfortable uterine swelling and bloating so many moms experience post delivery.

  2. By adding this extra support, they also allow the skin to regain its firmness and flexibility as soon as possible.

  3. Though they don't actually melt away pounds (you still have to eat healthy and exercise!), they can help tighten your tummy and abdominal area post baby.

  4. Women who had C-sections can not only wear them, but can actually benefit the most from them. Why? They help take pressure off your legs and back, easing any pain or soreness.

  5. While you might never consider them completely comfortable, these days, there are lots of types of port-partum corsets on the market that are less restrictive, thanks to modern fabrics and design. This gives women the ability to try different options and figure out what kind works best for them.

While there are plenty of benefits, overdoing it (as in wearing them for too long or too soon after baby) can come with safety risks--just as with diet or exercise. So if you try it out, just remember to be careful and stay attuned to your own body!

Image via Net-A-Porter

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