Is the pregnancy glow a myth?

Every single time I see a pregnant celebrity her skin is suddenly glowing with radiance. It never fails! But some women feel like they don't experience the same plump and radiant effects during those 9 months of pregnancy.

In fact, I've met quite a few ladies who have complained about how the sudden hormone changes just left them exhausted with dry, dull complexions. So, is the pregnancy glow thing just a load of BS?


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The reality is that pregnancy glow isn't just a myth people make up to make you feel prettier during pregnancy. It actually exists! And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When you're pregnant your skin tends to retain moisture, more moisture than usual actually. This is what plumps it up, making your fine lines and wrinkles look smoother and your complexion look brighter. You know how they say the more glasses of water you drink the better your skin will look? It's a pretty similar concept here. As for the natural flush some women tend to get, that's caused by increased levels of a hormone called progesterone along with the fact that you now have extra blood circulating throughout your body.

The thing is while some women might think they're not experiencing any of these skin benefits, they most likely are. The difference is if you're experiencing TOO much water retention, your face might actually look puffy rather than plump, and instead of having a subtle flush your skin might appear red-ish and blotchy. But don't stress!  Drinking plenty of water usually does the trick.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not going to lie to you,  while your skin might look glowy and rosey, you might also experience a few breakouts here and there. Annoying I know! The hormonal changes can also cause women to produce more oil leading to breakouts and pesky manchas. Even so, you might want to stay away from the acne treatments, unless of course your doctors says it's okay.

So don't worry chicas, everyone gets their chance at a pregnancy glow. If you're certain that you aren't, than feel free to fake it. After all, no one has to know!

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