Is Rosie Rivera's pregnancy in danger because of all the family drama?

Jenni Rivera's sister, Rosie Rivera, must be in her sixth month of pregnancy, if my calculations are correct. I'm sure her condition is complicated by the pain of having lost her sister and the pressure of having been left as the executor of all of Jenni's businesses and in charge of her kids. This weight must be feeling extra heavy these days with the fighting that has gripped her family, as her brothers battle it out with Lupillo. The Diva de la Banda's little sister admitted via social media that she's having some health issues.

Even though we saw her at the Filly Brown premiere on Friday in Los Angeles, Rosie cancelled Saturday's presentation at a Christian conference she was supposed to speak in Oxnard. On Twitter, she admitted she's taking some medications, though she did not specify what exactly is wrong.


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Whatever happened, it was probably nothing too serious, because she later attended another church event in Camarillo, California, and she hasn't cancelled her trip to Venezuela scheduled for this coming weekend. I think, though, she should really be careful with her pregnancy; expecting is not an easy thing. Rosie herself said she's taking medicine, and for doctors to make a pregnant woman take medicine, it has to be something rather serious.

I can tell you all right now that the problem has to be caused by all the back and forth and the fighting within her family, because shortly after tweeting out to her fans that she was doing well, she tweeted a warning: "Please, no one write to me offending ANY of my brothers, nephews or nieces, beacuse I will ignore you. I am deaf to offenses."

"God has a solution for everything, for the family, every situation and pain. I won't lose faith. One day everything will be better," she added. "We don't pretend to be perfect, and just as you all are, I love you, because when I've committed my mistakes (and they're many), you never abandoned me."

Her sweet words are in sharpo contrast to the vitriolic attacks her brother Gustavo is still making against older brother Lupillo Rivera, especially this past weekend. First, he made an appearance with his entire family on Univision's classic variety show Sábado Gigante, affirming that Lupillo had sued their father to get all the rights to Jenni's recordings. Then he reversed himself a couple of nights ago on Sal y pimienta, when he said that Lupillo had had "the intention" of suing, but that he never did because there was no legal case.

I really don't understand what's going on between the Rivera brothers, especially Gustavo, who is just keeping this conflict and this drama alive and well in public view (media and fans). Does he not see that the ones who suffer are his nephews and nieces, especially Jenni's kids? He should think about that and his mom, Doña Rosa, and stop all this nonsense.

Images via Rosie Rivera/Facebook y Sthanlee B.Mirador/Twitter

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