Pregnant woman gives birth on front lawn with the help of her neighbors! (VIDEO)

When Utah mom Heather Telford found out she was pregnant with her third son, all she hoped was that her childbirth experience would go as smoothly as possible. Instead, she found herself surrounded by family and neighbors as she delivered the baby in her own front yard!

Yikes ... talk about an unexpected turn of events!


Apparently, Telford was induced for her two previous births but wanted to follow a more natural process this time, by waiting to go into labor and then having a simple epidural. But as is often the case with the best laid plans, things went astray when Telford's contractions became increasingly stronger and closer together.

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"I had a pretty hard contraction and stood up and decided, 'I think I might need to push. It seems like it's time,' " she said. Her family attempted to get her into their car to get to the hospital, but the baby apparently had other ideas. Telford had no other choice but to lie down and deliver the child right there in the grass of her front lawn!

Neighbors and family members reportedly helped her through the delivery and only about five minutes later, her baby boy, Peyton, was born safe and sound. Paramedics eventually arrived on scene and checked out Telford and the newborn, later transporting them to the hospital.

Oh my God, can you imagine giving birth on your front lawn, of all places? And in front of your neighbors, no less?! I'm glad that they were on hand to help her, but it has to be more than a little embarrassing to know that they witnessed her in such a vulnerable position! If I was her, I don't think I'd ever be able to look those people in the eye again. Still, what's important is that both mom and baby are happy and healthy.  And at least, Telford now has an epic birth story to tell!

Image via KSL

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