Snooki on pregnancy: "Disgusting" but worth it

Snooki calls pregnancy disgustingIn a recent interview Snooki referred to pregnancy as being "disgusting", but said that motherhood was awesome. Snooki is not aware of it, but after cracking me up with a video that she made giving Kim Kardashian labor advice she became my new imaginary best friend. Her candor about pregnancy just seals our imaginary bond even further.

Oh, I'm sure there will be many who think Snooki bad-mouthing pregnancy is just too much, but I admire her for it. Why? Because she is telling the truth: her truth. Not everyone has a great pregnancy. Thank you Snooki for busting the pregnancy myth!


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Oh sure there are some pregnant women who glow and feel gorgeous. They light up a room with their joy and look fabulous in everything they wear with their adorable baby bumps. But what about the ones that don't? Now I'm not sure that I would say pregnancy is disgusting, but I would say that it is not always pretty.

My first pregnancy was awful, yes awful...there I said it! I had panic attacks that put me in the ER, my ankles got swollen, my hips hurt, I couldn't sleep, everything gave me heartburn, my breasts that were a perfect C cup turned into double Ds. People told me I looked beautiful and they were lying through their teeth. I mean what were they supposed to say, "Holy guacamole, you look like crap!"

I felt robbed. Where was the beautiful pregnancy I had seen represented time and time again in movies, in magazines? No one but no one was out there representing the women who didn't have blissful pregnancies. So thank you, Snooki. Thank you for telling your truth that will resonate with those of us who didn't love EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT PREGNANCY.

Snooki has embraced motherhood, even if pregnancy wasn't the best for her and she is open to having more children, but she has to get a few things in order first like moving out of Jionni's parents' basement.

Haters can hate, but Snooki the reality star is just keepin' it real.

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