Veiled Births: 7 fun facts about this unique phenomenon

Veiled births are rare and a mystery to new moms and doctors alike. This phenomenon happens when the fetus is born with the amniotic sac intact. This allows for the delivery to be easier and causes less bruising for the baby and mother.

One example of this was the the veiled birth image we reported on recently, which was seen on the Facebook page. Although it can make some queasy, it's an amazing event that only mother nature can provide. Many of us--including myself--wonder how this miracle happens in the first place which is why we found seven fun facts on the phenomenon. Read on and find out more!


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If you are ever lucky enough to have a veiled birth, you should know a little more about this fascinating phenomenon. Here are seven of the most interesting facts about veil births.


1. The birth is predictable. A veiled birth is special because the time and place of the birth can be found out in advance.

2. It's a rare occurrence. According to, those born in the caul tend to run in the family bloodline and the possibility of a baby born in the amniotic sac is as rare as one in 80,000 births.

3. The veil is also known as a "caul." Caul refers to a full face mask formed by the amniotic fluid which covers the face of a baby at birth. Babies born in a caul are often referred to as "caulbearers."

4. Removal of the sac is a little complicated. Doctors are required to cut two small holes for the nostrils and one for the mouth to allow the child to breathe. The veil should then be slowly peeled from the face to avoid any damage.

5. The caul is preserved. The steps that follow the removal can leave some queasy as it is usually given to the mother to preserve. To preserve the veil, parents are instructed to keep them in jars or containers of water, or by folding them up and keeping them in envelopes. During medieval times, women used to sell their saved cauls to sailors for huge sums of money because it was thought that the veils would protect them from evil and drowning!

6. Myths say babies born in caul are special. Religious groups and others view caulbearers differently; however, it is believed that their purpose is to serve mankind, guide people to understand themselves and the world within which we live. Many cultures believe that this makes your child a "King by right" and that he or she has some "special" powers. Those powers can range from leadership abilities to natural healers or having greater insight.

7. Some famous names were said to have been veiled births! As rare as this phenomenon may be, one celebrity mom who was lucky enough to have one is Jessica Alba. She has publicly spoken about how her daughter Haven's birth was unique as she was born in the amniotic sac. It also inspired her name, Haven, since the parents said she was born in her own little "safe haven." Other famous figures who were born as veiled births included Albert Einstein, the Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Charlemagne (Charles the Great).

The miracle of birth is already a beautiful experience to begin with, but a veiled birth is even more fascinating--especially since they occur so infrequently. If you're a mom who has experienced a baby in the caul, consider yourself one of the few lucky ones. You never know... maybe your kids do evoke some special powers and can use them for good.

Images via Facebook & Flickr/David Swift Photography

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